Woodward Peace Park

Woodward Peace Park unites the inclusion, creative expression, and progression that Peace Park has always embodied, but brings it to the public for all to enjoy daily as an on-mountain zone within Woodward Mountain Parks. It’s not just an event for the pros. It’s a proprietary re-imagined terrain park experience that is inclusive and FUN for all. Featuring a non-linear flow of quarter pipes, contours, berms, rollers, etc., the possibilities for a new line, every time are endless.

Red’s Backyard

The core of freestyle skiing and snowboarding has long embraced the concept of bringing freestyle terrain to life with what they have on-hand, at home. The ultimate DIY for the most passionate athletes. Inspired by Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard’s backyard terrain park, Red’s Backyard Rail Garden will be the public’s favorite hike park. This backyard style park will cater to all ability levels and allow them to practice and progress on their own terms, at their own pace. Featuring a range of jib features, each Red’s Backyard Rail Garden will have its own design unique to the property.

Family Cross

The Woodward Family Cross zone transforms the trail into a low level family race track of mellow banked slalom turns to tame cross course features and built on a gentle enough pitch to prevent excess speed. You'll find a fun and flowing course with banked turns and rollers that use as much of the natural terrain as possible. Features are almost all made of only snow - with the possibility of finding just a couple jibs.

Adventure Zones

Family friendly experiential terrain within the Woodward Mountain Park, Adventure zones vary by property to highlight the best of each local mountain and its terrain. Adventure Zones are all about fun and can include little bumps, courses through the trees and localized theming. Perfect for intermediate to advanced skiers and riders of all ages.

Woodward Progression Parks

Once you've conquered the Woodward Start Park, the next step in your journey as a Woodward athlete is to explore the Woodward Progression Parks. Woodward Progression Parks offer seamless progression to intuitively  guide you based on your comfort and ability level in the Woodward Mountain Park. You'll find small and small-medium banks, rollers, jumps, boxes and maybe a of few low ride-on rails.  There are three levels of Woodward Progression Park zones, denoted with / symbols, Progression Park /, Progression Park //, and Progression Park ///.  

Woodward Start Park

A playground on snow filled with featured terrain, a start park is where first-time skiers and riders start their journey as a Woodward Athlete. Built and designed to effortlessly guide users through each section, the Start Park features slight contours in terrain aimed at controlling speed while gradually raising the bar- making for the smoothest transition in learning experiences. 

Woodward TV

Woodward TV is our global YouTube digital media platform that showcases Woodward’s most passionate people across our experiences and destinations.

Woodward WreckTangle

A ninja obstacle challenge course designed to empower and inspire everyone to use skills, strength, creativity, imagination and determination while igniting spatial awareness, athleticism, agility, and most of all, fun. The name WreckTangle comes from the rectangular shape of the rig and that falling is okay. Participants can engage through our ninja obstacle challenge as well as digital competition, the World’s Fastest Ninja.

Woodward Action Sports Park

An outdoor innovative environment, consisting of skate, BMX, MTB, scooter, and parkour parks. Whether made of dirt, wood or concrete it’s where progression and creativity is limitless. Each Park reflects the unique location with a combination of pump tracks, snake runs and paths, dirt tracks, concrete skateparks, vert ramps and mini mega ramps.

Woodward Action Sports Hub

A signature facility that empowers year-round training progression and recreational fun. Each Hub is slightly different and locally unique with a combination of gym and action sports zones. The gym zones have trampolines, foam pits, spring floor, tumble track & rod floor along with parkour and ninja equipment. The action sports zones are made up of ramps and mini ramps, resi landings, air bag, foam pits, bowls and pump tracks.